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Please note that this site is undergoing a major revision with new features and adjustments. A new version of this site with new content is under construction and we look forward to presenting this much enhanced version in the near future. The page for contacting us has already been put into the new format and will give you an idea of what is to come.


Web Design or Web-site Design, Web-site Maintenance or Web-site Optimizing, Email Management, E-Commerce, Secure Transaction Processing, Linux Servers, Windows Servers and Database Driven Web Design using environments including PHP, ASP, JSP and Javascript are our main product lines.

Our web design services are directed to a varied client base and we are able to provide web design services ranging from the basic informational sites, using some of the simpler web design capabilities, right through to secure E-Commerce web design and database driven web design with the appropriate levels of security and confidentiality of transactions, which are included using more complex web design features. We are able to provide web design services based on either Linux Servers or Windows Servers technology (PHP is used where required for Linux web servers and ASP or JSP is used for Windows web servers).

As this site is developed further, we will provide links to sample sites which are being developed in a way to demonstrate some of the web design features we can offer. As part of the process for providing these web design services to you, we ask that you complete and agreement, which can be completed online below, except that you need to print out the completed filled-in agreement and sign it manually. There are two agreements, depending on whether you wish us purely to use web design services or whether you wish us to take over the maintenance of your existing site. Costs will be individually negotiated for this work, depending on the scope of services and features required. As a general rule, for the ability for your customers to contact you online, we offer secure background code, where people can fill out a form and send details to you, along with file attachments if necessary and send particulars to your specified email address without the customer knowing your email address. This is particularly convenient for stopping SPAM and other unwanted intrusions to your Inbox. This is the method used for this site, so if you contact us, you can see how this works. We can, however, code this differently if you wish people to know your email address online, which is cheaper to produce, however is less confidential for SPAM blocking and the like.

Another matter to consider, when using our web design services, is that we can be a one-stop business shop, when considering adding products from our other divisions. As well as web design and web maintenance service needs, we can also handle your other business needs, such as bookkeeping and graphic design (paper and print products). Consider the benefits in not having to ‘run around’ to different places of business when we can handle everything. Your time is valuable and we want to make your life as easy as possible.

This site and all the other sites linked in with Caecilian Enterprises Pty Limited will be in a constant state of evolution with full database facilities and E-Commerce facilities to facilitate payment of accounts to be added at a later stage. The time frame for this, of course, will depend on the available time beyond that needed to ensure that our customers are serviced in the best possible way.

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Caecilian Web Services aims to offer its services in a timely and professional way for its clients and we like to adapt our approach to suit our clients so that the final site we produce is exactly to your requirements and the content will be appealing to your prospective customers.

Please find below the links for downloading a PDF format copy of our client work agreements which can be filled in online and saved to your computer in PDF format. Whichever of the two agreements you download, it can be signed online and after saving the signed version on your computer, it can be sent back as an email attachment. You can send it from this page by clicking here.

If you do not have Adobe Reader on your system, which you can use to sign electronically, then there is provision below for you to download that free software directly from the Adobe website, by clicking on the link below, which will take you directly to the page where you can download the best version for your operating system.

To receive more information about our products, please click on the link below.

Caecilian Web Services is located in the Sydney area, the capital of the state of New South Wales in Australia, specifically, but not confined to the Macarthur area which includes Campbelltown, Camden, Narellan, Minto and Ingleburn. Inquiries are welcome from anywhere.

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